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For the most part, even the most fatal looking damage to an instrument can be repaired. Unlike car-owners, guitar- or bass-owner will usually not start a cost-benefit analysis and come to the conclusion that ‘it’s a write-off’ – meaning that the cost for the repair is higher than the actual value of the guitar.

The intrinsic value or the real utility value of the beloved and familiar instrument cannot be expressed in terms of money.

Whether the instrument is really broken or not – before we accept a contract for repair, it is without exceptions necessary for us to examine the guitar/bass. Please do not expect us to make remote diagnostics or to name prices for repairs of damage which we have not been able to estimate and evaluate in detail.

Wherever the shoe pinches – or better: wherever the wood splinters, the mechanics are shaky, the frets try to escape, the pot is scratchy, the jack is dangling, the pickup is silent, etc.: In joining us, you’ve come to the right place to have your treasures fixed in a professional way and with a joy for ‘healing’.