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Advantages of regular servicing:

✔ Maintains the joy in playing
✔ Increases the retail value of the instrument
✔ Prolongs the‚ instrument’s life

Getting back to our comparison with the car: Never bringing in your guitar for servicing would be equivalent to never changing the oil or refilling water, never checking tire pressure or renewing the brakes und never washing and waxing the car. When a car is that thoroughly neglected, nobody expects to be able to drive it comfortably and safely and one can be sure that it will have an engine breakdown or become rusty all over sooner or later.

Manufacturers of musical instruments such as Fender expressly recommend servicing and adjusting the settings of their instruments at least every six months.

Even new instruments benefit from servicing and optimization of settings. The production process is ‘economically optimized’. The processing of materials – which is mainly mechanical – may leave ‘tension’ and ‘stress’ within the wood, impurities and residues on fretboards, wood chippings and abrasive dust underneath pickguards, in cavities for electronics and whammy-bars and even cuttings on the magnets of the pickups. More often than not the factory settings lag far behind the real potential of the guitar or bass.

If you should be planning on selling your instrument, extensive servicing, cleaning and adjusting of settings will tremendously increase the price which can be obtained and it will be well worth the investment. We can provide you with a Servicing Booklet confirming all work that was performed on your instrument.

Servicing comprises all measures of maintenance and polishing and may be combined with a detailed analysis and optimization of the setup of the guitar/bass according to available possibilities and the specification of the instrument.

With your instrument optimized in this manner, you can play your next studio- or live-gig all geared-up and with an easy conscience.